White Labs, Platinmum Strains Series,

As most of you know if you talked to me about yeast and if it really matters which yeast strain you use, the answer is definitely YES.

Most of you now know we have switched to White Labs for our pitchable yeast. And those who have yet to try a White Lab, we believe this company does an outstanding job in understanding what homebrewers are looking for in yeast quality. Many of your old favorites are still available as well as some new and exciting yeast strain to try.

I would to bring to your attention to their Platinum Strains Series release program.

Every two months they have available three special yeast strains for you to try.

In the past many of you have not taken the opportunity to use these wonderful yeast strains.  It is a chance for the home-brewer to use a different strain on well-tried recipe or finally make that commercial beer you have always wanted too but lack the right yeast to use.

Please investigate WLP540 or WLP072 yeast strains at this link to find out more on

them: http://www.whitelabs.com/beer/homebrew/listings?style=39 .

It is an excellent time to be making French Biere de Garde or Belgian Saison. 

If you are interested in purchasing these yeast strains please contact the store so we can order them for you on our next order.

For the rest of the yeast strains you can visit this link: