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Weldless Brewometer™, 3
Weldless Brewometer™, 3' Dial

Weldless Brewometer™, 3" Dial

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Part Number: 5038
BrewMometer Unique Dial-face The unique patent pending dialface guides the brewer through the brewing process, helping to improve quality and consistency. The hermetically sealed glass face ensures long life. Large 3" dia. dial with low parallax stepped face, fine pointer, crisp large lettering, and custom made temp range means unparalleled accuracy! [Weldless design] Weldless design The patent pending weldless design forms a super rigid water-tight seal, unlike our competitors "'o-ring sandwich" design that "wiggles" in the pot and is prone to leaks. The stem protrudes into your pot only 2-1/2" - long enough to get a good reading, but short enough to stay out of your way.Manufactured by Blichmann weldless 1/2" NPT. A 1/2" hole must be drilled into the brew pot.