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  • Corn Sugar (Dry)
  • Candi Sugar Liquid
    Our products are among the most sought after brewing syrups and sugars in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. and Australia. All of our brewing syrups and cassonade are crafted to a premium standard of flavor, color, and fermentability. In the spirit of old-world excellence we have crafted these time-honored brewing adjuncts using a combination of slow traditional methods resulting in the finest premium candi syrups and soft sugars in the world.
  • Candi Sugar Soft
    Our Premium Soft Candi Sugars (Genuine Cassonade): Soft Candi Sugars are commonly preferred by craft brewers for ease of transport and boil addition. Our Brun Foncé and Brun Léger soft sugars are the raw super-infused crystalline result of the Candi Syrup manufacturing process. As a result they carry very intense yet smooth flavors.