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IO  Star IODOPHOR  32 oz
IO Star IODOPHOR 32 oz

IO Star IODOPHOR 32 oz

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Io Star Iodophor Sanitizer, 32 oz.by Five Star An iodine based, low foaming iodophor no-rinse sanitizer. 1-2 minute contact time when used in the concentration of 1oz per 5 gallons. It will slightly stain vinyl tubing and some plastic parts over time but will not affect the functionality of the tubing at all. Iodophor is a solution of iodine complexed with a polymer carrier that is very convenient to use. One tablespoon in 5 gallons of water (15ml in 19 l) is all that is needed to sanitize equipment with a two minute soak time. This produces a concentration of 12.5 ppm of titratable iodine. Soaking equipment longer, for 10 minutes, at the same concentration will disinfect surfaces to hospital standards. At 12.5 ppm the solution has a faint brown color that you can use to monitor the solution's viability. If the solution loses its color, it no longer contains enough free iodine to work. There is no advantage to using more than the specified amount of iodophor. In addition to wasting the product, you risk exposing yourself and your beer to excessive amounts of iodine. Iodophor will stain plastic with long exposures, but that is only a cosmetic problem. The 12.5 ppm concentration does not need to be rinsed, but the item should be allowed to drain before use.