How to Prime Your

Beer with Wort


When you are done boiling your wort, have cooled it, and taken your hydrometer reading; you can determine the quantity need to save for priming.  You place this quantity in a clean and sanitized container and then place in your refrigerator for later use at priming.  The chart below will give you the quantity needed based on your original gravity.


O.G.                                       WORT NEEDED TO PRIME WITH

1.O70                                                  1 TO 1 ½ QUARTS

1.060                                                   1 ½ TO 1 ¾ QUARTS

1.050                                                   1 ¾ TO 2 QUARTS

1.040                                                   2 TO 2 ¼ QUARTS

1.030                                                   2 ½ TO 3 QUARTS


This is called “speise”, the German word for food. By doing this you are following the Reinheitsgebot laws.