1)    Place 6-ounces of potable water with a temperature of 100-104 F in a clean and sanitized container; add 10-gram package of Go-Ferm Protect® for 15-30 minutes. Then stir contents with clean and sanitized stirrer.

2)    Now add two 5-gram packages or one 10-gram package of yeast by sprinkling over the rehydrated Go-Ferm Protect®. Allow yeast to hydrating for 15-minutes.

3)    Stir entire mixture; allow contents to stand an additional 5-miuntes.

4)    Pitch/add to cool wort or must; aerate well.


Go-Ferm Protect® is designed to help yeast wake up from being in the rehydrated state by supplying it a proper nutrient formula. This will ensure a good start for your fermentation.  For wine fermentations additional yeast nutrient is advised. We recommend adding one gram of Fermaid K® per one-gallon of wine must after 1/3 of the fermentation is done to assist the yeast in their job of making wine.