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  • Premium Quality
    Are non-chamfered and have an agglomerated cork center with natural cork disc ends. These are designed for long-term storage: several years. The Best cork we sell.
  • Aglica
    Developed for the wine industry to address corkiness, inconsistency, random oxidation and leakage, these corks are made from Suberin*, the purest part of the cork, that is blended with a proprietary polymer which enhances the natural elasticity and sealing properties of the cork. The corks are symmetrical and totally natural in appearance. *Suberin is a waterproofing waxy substance found in higher plants. Suberin is a main constituent of cork and is named after the cork oak, Quercus suber. Its main function is as a barrier to movement of water and solutes. This is our Second lever of quality corks
  • First Quality
    First Quality agglomerated corks made from uniform shavings and unused portions of cork, and are mixed with appropriate food grade glue to form a dense, well-made closure. Chamfered (beveled) and printed with a decorative grape leaf pattern. First Quality #9 corks create a tight seal with the bottle, making it ideal for aging wine or high gravity beers. Fit standard 750-ml and 1.5-liter wine bottles, best inserted with a floor or bench corker. Our first level of good quality corks
  • Nomacorc® - Synthetic Corks
    Nomacorcs® are made by a unique, patented, co-extrusion process that binds the interior and exterior sections of the cork by heat adhesion. Extrusion molding is a continuous process that provides a very consistent quality. Nomacorc® is simply a better closure because its small, uniform, closed cell structure creates a better barrier from oxygen and preserves the quality of your wine. This size chamfered cork is made exclusively for LD Carlson and the corks are printed with an attractive Spanish grape design. We recommend the use of any hand or floor corker with these corks.
  • Other types of Closures