Cleaning & Sanitizing When making fermented products cleanliness is of the up most importance. The wine or beer maker is working with an excellent food source for all microorganisms can consume. The job of the wine and beer maker is to only allow the yeast to consume their must or wort. So all equipment in the making of wine and beer must be cleaned and sanitized before use. Let us start off with defining some common terms used in food processing sanitization. When we say “clean” your equipment, we want you to have a clean surface, free of any soil or dirt. Then when “sanitizing” your equipment, the sanitizer is making sure there is any microorganism on the surface of your clean equipment. A sanitizer will keep your bug-free for up to 30-minutes, that what makes it a sanitizer. Saratoga Zymurgist is comfortable recommending you use Easy Clean™ when working with plastic pails and tubing, as well as glass carboys and bottles. When you use Easy Clean™ right before you start your project and clean with after you done using it you; you will have no problems. It is the individual who skips any of the above steps is the one who could have problems. We recommend using a clean cotton wash cloth to scrub your equipment. The cloth is soft and will not scratch. Taking a measuring cup, it will be easy to pour the cleanser through your tubing and over large pieces of equipment to ensure contact with cleaning solution. Always visual inspect your equipment for scratches. Then when cleaning a used bottle, always rinse first, and then look inside the bottle. You want to make sure there is no dirt left in the bottle. When washing bottles you want to keep you washing solution debris-free because your solution is more effective then when dirty. Always wash your dirtiest bottles last. And sometimes you will need to soak overnight and sometimes some bottles are not worth spending the time to clean. When you empty a bottle, rinse it and cleaning it will be easy when need to.